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Is this an authentic Dutch establishment?  No.

What is it, then? It's a place to meet people you like, and eat food you love. 

Why "frites" and not "french fries"? "French fries" more commonly refers to factory processed, frozen potato sticks, that are fried and salted to order. Frites are thicker, hand cut aged potatoes, which are double fried for an extra crunch on the outside, and tender steamed potato inside.  

Are the doughnuts made here? They are made up the street at Dutch Monkey Doughnuts, where we have a larger production kitchen. 

What kind of coffee do you serve? Counter Culture Coffee They roast to order in small batches in North Carolina, and deliver us flavorful coffee that's responsibly sourced. 

Do you deliver? We do not. Fried food doesn't transport well. We are open to delivery in the future if there are advancements in food containers that will allow our food to arrive in its original condition.  

But I saw you listed on DoorDash and Grubhub? *sigh* They continue to use our name and photos without permission, though we've asked them not to.  We don't have a contract with them, and if you do order our food through their sites, there is no guarantee that it will be delivered to you at all, much less safely. 

Will my Dutch Monkey Doughnuts gift card work here? Yes!

Do you use the same loyalty program? Yes!

How does your loyalty program work? Enter your phone number on the customer facing screen at checkout. You'll earn points for every purchase, and will be able to choose from available rewards right on the screen. 

Do your team members wear masks? If they are fully vaccinated, they have the option to go without. If they are unvaccinated, they are required to wear a mask. 

Do you require social distancing? No, but common courtesy does. Getting real close to people who aren't in your friends or family  group is just creepy. Don't be a creep.